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How To Maintain Your Reformer

We believe that regular maintenance is key to keeping a reformer running well. We have videos and suggestions below to help you out. But don’t forget, you can reach out to us any time with questions. We are happy to help. We also keep a warehouse stocked with parts, should you need it.

Want to read the terms of our Limited Lifetime Warranty on your Align-Pilates commercial reformer? Read more in our downloadable PDF below!

Commercial Reformers (A, C & M-Series) - Limited Lifetime Warranty

Light Commercial Reformers (R-Series) - Limited Lifetime Warranty

Home Reformers (F & H-Series) - Limited Lifetime Warranty

Maintenance Guides

Like any piece of exercise equipment, a Pilates Reformer requires regular maintenance to ensure it is safe to use and operates effectively. Although printed in the User Guide, we understand that general maintenance information can sometimes be overlooked: it is however essential for ensuring apparatus continues to function safely & effectively, and that it holds its value for years to come.

Effective 2024, we will be sending email to our customers on the anniversary of their purchase corresponding to the time when we recommend changing parts – particularly the Springs (2 years/3,000hours). Using springs beyond the recommended life of 2 years/3,000 hours is not only not recommended but it is likely to invalidate a studio’s commercial insurance policy.

We also offer servicing tips to keep your equipment in peak condition. We offer maintenance guides and videos so you can do it all yourself. All customers will schedule their own maintenance in different ways, but we believe providing this content can help avoid safety issues arising and ensure the best experience from our equipment.

Cleaning Tips to extend the life of your reformer

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